Duration: 8 months

Location: Beirã-Marvão, Portugal

Start date: 1st August 2021

Application deadline: 25th July 2021

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Planeta Alecrim (Rosemary Planet in English) is a non-profit association which main activity arises from the need of a small group of parents, with children enrolled in homeschooling to get pedagogical support and at the same time, to develop activities directed at the community, through actions of social and cultural scope.

This project aims to become a learning community, which means we look at education as a collective act. Therefore by involving community in our education project we want to consolidate a society that is more just, participatory and able to trigger a profound cultural transformation.

In this planet we are all apprentices, from children to adults, and our habitat begins first with the values we try to put into practice every day, such as autonomy, responsibility, solidarity, respect and care.

About Marvão (Alentejo – Portugal)

Marvão is located in the least populated district of Portugal, Portalegre, a rural place where most people still live off the land. In the area of a natural park (Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede) it has impressive wildlife, natural landscapes and even archeological digs. Being inland, it takes around 3 hours by car to the main portuguese coastal cities of Lisbon and Porto.


In this individual volunteer project we will host two volunteers in the region of Marvão, in Portugal. The activities to be developed depend on the profile of the volunteers, their interests, expectations or needs, as well as their assessment of community needs. However, we have three guidelines that should guide the development of projects:


Through the promotion of non-formal education methodologies and regarding learning as a lifelong process we aim to improve core competences, knowledge and skills of our community. The promotion of a holistic education that looks at the learner as a whole, not relegating his body (rhythm, movement, body expression) or his spirit (ideas, motivations, feelings) to the background. Underlying all education and training initiatives will be the promotion of European values, highlighting solidarity, social cohesion, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship or gender equality;

Health and Wellness

Health promotion and wellness activities, as well as healthy lifestyles and active aging. Examples of activities could be: exploring Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, promoting outdoor leisure activities, fighting fires or reforestation; raise awareness for recycling and other sustainable policies, farming on the community garden; encourage sports, or other regular practices such as dance, yoga, meditation; or encourage a healthy diet with culinary workshops;

Creative arts, social innovation and culture

Activities to promote the creative arts and culture, such as cultural nights (with special emphasis on the cultures of the participating countries), cinema cycles, music days, artistic workshops, plays, concerts, and others, aiming at the empowerment and capacity building of the local community.




If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you’ve never participated in an ESC/EVS (European Solidarity Corps / European Volunteer Service) and are motivated to participate in our project, willing to learn, reflect and engage in an intercultural and intergenerational exchange, maybe this project is just for you! 

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