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Mai 1, 2019

Plants at Alecrim

By Jasmine Sutton, 9 years old

On the 17th of May, our friend Susana Moura and the class did a walk in Beirã, where we learnt about different kinds of plants: árvores, arbustos and herbáceas.

We invited Susana because we wanted to Know more about the plants of our village that we see everyday and she is a landscape architecture. On our walk we picked leaves,fruits and flowers and put them in the baskets.Then we dried the plants in our room at Planeta Alecrim using newspaper and heavy books. Afterwords Susana wrote on the blackboard about the roots, the trunk, the flowers and the fruit’s functions. Every kid in the class liked this activity. We also had to draw the leaves, I enjoyed it very much.


Thank you, Susana, for sharing with us your passion for Nature!